Workplace Yoga or Pilates: $75/hr 

Extended team coaching, such as weight loss challenges, 5K or triathlon training available upon request.

One-on-one Personal Training: $50/hr

~~Thirty Minute Sessions: $25/hr

Buddy Training: $25/person/hr

~~Thirty Minute Buddy  Sessions: $15/hr/person

Small Group Training (only available by the hour)

~~Three to six: $20/person

​*PCCC fee's are billed to your account

Monthly Billing.  Cash or Check only*

NEW:  I've partnered with a company called Genetic Directions to provide DNA based fitness programs.  A sample cheek swab is sent to their lab and within a few weeks you'll receive a comprehensive report on how your body processes food and responds to physical activity.  You will also have a live video consult with one of their dieticians.  I will work with you on the exercise aspect of the report.  Spoiler alert: No one's DNA will recommend lying on the couch and eating Doritos. Please go to for more information or send me a note.  The cost for the DNA test and consult is $297, but if you use the code "BeWellWithMel" at checkout, you save $10. 

A Healthy Office is a Happy Office 

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